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Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas to Everyone of You!!!

Thkz for all e presents U guys haf given me...

9:08 PM
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

She has gone to another world!!

A good friend of mine have just passed away yesterday.. When shuhui called mi and told mi tis news, i was TOTALLY shocked by that.. I told myself to be brave and not to cry. But i cant control myself, and my tears drop..

She is really a Great person i know in secondary school.. She always there to help her friends when he or she needs help.. She always make us happy, by telling jokes and making funny action.. She used to introduce a job to me, and we work together.. From tt onwards, we becum more closer.. We shared our secrets, gal's stuff and we even plan to go Hong Kong and find Abbie.. But all of a sudden, it just gone.. Everything, every hopes and every wish has gone...

Till now, i still dun gt it.. Y she just leave us like tis?? I still though tt she is still alive.. The last time i saw her was at Marina Bay on the October. She told mi she is going for Heart Operation, she sound so sad.. Now suddenly happened tis kind of things.. Y always such a good person leave tis world so early? Y those BAD people just happy staying in tis world?? They shld deserve to leave tis world faster, instead of letting them to bad mouth others, faking infront of others, act as if they r the innocent ones and push all the blames to others yet claimed that they are not in the wrong.. -Puiiiii-

-SigH-... Tis world just seems so unfair.. Probably god wants those BAD people to stay more longer and suffer.. Hopefully..

Please I really really LOVE my family, cousins, buddies and friends who are worth for me to treasure.. I know who are they...

Advise for every1: Please koe hw to treasure ur friends around U, all though u guys haf so many friends. But pls be honest to urself, who is ur best friends.. If u still cant find ur true friends till now, I think u doesnt know wat is the definition of friendship?? So just go to the nearest wall and bang urself on it.. -Lolz-

FCUK just gif me some peace can, I wan PEACEFUL...

Puiyee, rest well in peace.. U will always be in our heart..

1:21 AM
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

MMT2K Outing (Debbie, Shuyu, Peiyoke, Kelvin, Senrong, ChenPAng, TJL, Mervis)

Sentosa outing yesterday for MMT2K. They went but i didnt. Cos i seriously DON'T LIKE suntan. Haha.

Met XiangYing after chatting with her on MSN, and we're so LAST minute to mit up. Cos both of us haf nuthing to do on e afternoon. As usual, we meet at town. I was late for abt 30mins, so sorry to XiangYing. After that we processed to Paragon, first thing we gonna do is to find ATM machine, walked around e whole basement. Finally we found it. XiangYing did a stupid thing(HAHA). She actually slot in her EzLink card instead of her ATM card, and we keep scolding the machine without spotting that mistakes. Oh man, XiangYing u are so BLUR can that goes to me too. Haha.. Have sum smallbits to fill up our stomache, after tt went to Far East. Bought sum stuffs over there. Accompany XiangYing to haf her lunch, settled down at one Thai Restaurant, chit-chatting abt relationship, friendship and work stuffs.

Processed to another outing, met up MMT2K at Marina BAy to have our dinner over there.. It has been a long time since we mit up. So happy and kinda enjoyed. Debbie didnt went, cos she haf sumthing on. She did went to Sentosa. Vanesh was at LOndon enjoying her holiday. Zhenwei got to book in. After eating, left Peiyoke, Shuyu, Senrong, TJL, Mervis and me. We went to Esplanade n haf sum drinks. Talking about our life, future, past, R/S, friendship and etc. We even planned to go Taiwan and HOng Kong when our 22 years old. It's a deal ok.. WeePee.. Anyway we apart with each other ard 12plus.

Hey guys, remember our deal ok.. Start saving money now.. Haha.. Let's mit up again.. Miss u guys.. Tk cre -MMT2K-

Shuyu and Deb: HEy gals, pls update ur blog can.. Specially Deb, i think ur blog gonna be filled of dust.. Just like me (I mean last time).. Haha..

10:05 PM
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Monday, October 31, 2005

My Date With A Vampire III

Ohhh my goodness, finally finished watching My Date With A Vampire III. Spending a couple of weeks to watch tis VCD over night. It makes my complexion getting bad. Arghs.. But watever I'm willing to sacrifice, cos this show was GREAT. Anyway a good Colleague of mine lend this VCD to me.. So sweet of her.. Thkz Linda.

School starting soon.. I've yet to enjoy my holiday.. I wish i can extend one more month for my holiday.. -Sigh- Stop dreaming Kaili..

Sugi>> Soon mit up.. I wish i can extend my holiday, I koe i'm dreaming...Haha. I cant tag my board. There is sumthing wrong with it.

9:16 AM
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Off Day!!

Girl's outing today.
Met Sugi, Gladys and Yanling in town... As usual shop for gal's thing.. Bought myself sum accessories, Gladys bought hers too.. As for Yan Ling and Sugi, they din buy any... Went to take neoprints, it seems like all of us looks weird in that photo.. Haha... Sugi went back home, and left the 3 of us.. Processed to Wisma and have a short walked, browsing through Mango stuffs.. After that Gladys went to Bugis and collect her pay, and We 2 went back home..

I HATE having sore throat. My Throat was killing me!!!

Gonna chill out with Liar's Family on tis coming Saturday... WeePeee

7:28 AM
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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Good Morning!!!

I just woke up not long ago.
Was so lazy though. Haha.
Suppose to work today due to my laziness, so off myself a day.
But i still need to work tmr till sunday. Arghs.

Sales are getting bad to worse nowadays. Yesterday no sales for me, forcing myself to stand there till the shop closed. Well, managed to pull through.

Denise came and find me. I haven't seen her since long time ago. She changed alot, getting more n more pretty. Ask me whether how much is IPOD NANO, told her the price and she was shocked. Haha. Hello is IPOD NANO leh, U think is those brandless MP3 player meh. It's so slim and the design was so nice. Even I myself also tot of buying that. But no money, so forget it.

Class outing have been changed again. Will fall on either one Saturday. Debbie and Shuyu are part of an Organizer too. I miss MMT2K so much.

Sugi: I'll not forget about U wan. Miss U so much too. Dun so stress, must take good care of urself k? When is our next outing? Haha...

10:02 PM
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Monday, October 03, 2005

Work and Work and work

Having holiday now... Spending my time working throughout... Haven been shopping all this while... Gonna miss those nice and trendy stuffs...

Gonna planned my ITE class outing... Who's the Organizer?? Yes, is ME... It's so difficult to been an Organizer... Have to inform them where and when to meet, and plan a day where everyone is free... I think hardly we can get all of them to meet up, cos sum of them having NS, and sum got to work and so on... Probably, i shall planned two seperate days and tt's the only way i can think of... We shall see...

K enough of my craps, got to work soon...

11:10 PM
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